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Domestic Violence or DV cases are instituted under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. This is act aims to provide comprehensive reliefs to aggrieved woman under one law, such as personal (physical, emotional & mental), social and economic security from her own family members/relatives, which not only includes husband and in-laws of woman, but also her father and brother if the woman is residing with her parents.

The salient features of this legislation is an aggrieved woman can approach the Protection officer, who after examining the aggrieved woman, prepares Domestic Incident Report (DIR) and forwards the same to the local magistrate seeking to grant the reliefs such as protection orders, maintenance, residential order, child custody, loss of pay or economical loss suffered by a woman on the account of harassment of the husband or other family members.

The aggrieved woman can also directly approach magistrate with her complainant and seek immediate relief u/sec. 12 & 23 of the act.

The reliefs that can be obtained by woman under this acts are protection order (Sec. 18), Residential Order (Sec. 19), Maintenance & other monetary reliefs (Sec. 20), Custody order (Sec. 21) & Compensation for harassment & losses suffered if any (Sec. 22). The said reliefs can also be obtained without hearing the opposite side i.e ex parte (Sec. 23)

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