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Intellectual Property (Copyrights/Trademark/Patent)

The process of examining and verifying the legal ownership and status of a property to make sure it can be sold or mortgaged without any encumbrances or faults is called title verification, sometimes referred to as title search or due diligence. The Transfer of Property Act of 1882, the Registration Act of 1908, and additional local land laws have governed this. In order to make sure that our clients have a clear and marketable title to the property, we offer a variety of title verification services.

In order to trace the history of ownership and confirm the legitimacy of property transfers, we examine the chain of title papers, which includes sale deeds, conveyances, gift deeds, wills, partitions, and other pertinent documents.

In order to find any liens, mortgages, encumbrances, or legal challenges impacting the property, we check pertinent public sources, such as land records, property registrations, encumbrance certificates, and court records.

We verify the legal ownership of the property and confirm that the seller has the right to transfer the property without any legal impediments or claims by third parties.

We identify any defects, discrepancies, or irregularities in the title documents or records that may affect the marketability or transferability of the property.

We offer a legal opinion on the property's title status based on our research, pointing out any dangers or problems that might need to be resolved before moving forward with the deal.

In the event that title issues or flaws are found, we counsel our customers on how to handle them, including getting the required permissions, fixing the issues, settling disputes with other parties, or pursuing legal action.

For the purpose of assisting our clients in making decisions, we compile thorough due diligence reports that include a summary of our conclusions and suggestions regarding the property's title situation.



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