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In India, for example, the eviction of tenants is primarily governed by the Rent Control Acts or Tenancy Acts enacted by individual states. Additionally, the Transfer of Property Act, of 1882, and the specific provisions of the Civil Procedure Code may also apply to eviction matters. we provide a range of services to landlords or property owners seeking to remove tenants from their premises.

In order to evaluate the landlord's circumstances and offer legal counsel regarding the eviction process, including the relevant laws, rules, and procedures, we provide initial consultations.

We assist landlords in drafting and serving eviction notices to tenants in compliance with relevant landlord-tenant laws and lease agreements.

To ascertain the landlord's rights and responsibilities in relation to eviction procedures, we examine lease agreements, rental agreements, and any other pertinent documents.

Tenants who violate the conditions of their lease or who have not complied with eviction notices receive demand letters from us asking them to either leave the property or make good on the infractions.

We draft and submit eviction cases to the proper court or tribunal that has jurisdiction over the eviction issue, along with the complaints, petitions, and other required legal documents.

We represent landlords in eviction hearings and trials, presenting evidence, examining witnesses, and making legal arguments to support the eviction case.

In order to settle eviction disputes amicably, if at all possible, we negotiate settlement agreements, stipulated judgments, or payment plans with tenants or their legal representatives.

In order to settle eviction disputes amicably, if at all possible, we negotiate settlement agreements, stipulated judgments, or payment plans with tenants or their legal representatives.

We handle appeals or post-judgment relief proceedings on behalf of landlords who are dissatisfied with court decisions or require further legal remedies to enforce eviction orders.

In cases where tenants contest eviction proceedings, we defend landlords' interests by responding to tenant defenses, counterclaims, or motions filed in court.

To prevent legal issues or liabilities, we make sure that all eviction actions are carried out in accordance with relevant landlord-tenant legislation, fair housing standards, and procedural criteria.



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